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We very much value our relationships with our clients, having many collaborations spanning over 25 years. Here are some generous words from several of them…


What our clients have to say:

As senior vice president of marketing, advertising and corporate relations for the LeFrak Organization, it has been a privilege and pleasure working with Michael DelPriore and Ryerson Studio for many years on multiple projects, large scale and small. Mike always has brought his years of experience and ability to the table in helping us establish the best scales and presentations for all our rental and sales offices, as well as our exhibit centers. Often working under tight time lines and budgets, Ryerson Studio never has failed us or missed a deadline. Through Mike’s creative and beautiful interpretations of our designs, he and his studio have become integral parts of the LeFrak marketing team. His energy, dedication and intelligence are assets to any organization wise enough to utilize his talents.

Edward Cortese
Senior Vice President
Estates Marketing and Public Relations


Our office has had the pleasure to work with Ryerson Studio for twenty years now. They have done numerous models for us in a variety of architectural styles, every one of them executed with incredible precision and care. The results are spectacular and our clients have loved to see their ‘finished home’ months before the construction began. These well-crafted models have been a great tool to get people excited about their projects and have been tremendously useful to help in the approval and financing process for several of them. Mike and the staff at Ryerson have been a joy to work with and we are pleased to have them on board as our collaborators!

Dinyar Wadia,
Robert Butscher
Rob Lominski
Wadia Associates


The NY Dar-e-Mehr Zoroastrian Temple embarked on a very ambitious project to build a 22,000 sq ft building with a price tag of $ 4.5 Mil. After much debate, about the cost justification, we had Ryerson Studio build a model for us to help in the Fund Raising effort. It was an instant hit and it was a major catalyst to making our fund raising drive successful. In fact it was so successful that we commissioned a second smaller, ‘suitcase’ model which has been around the world a couple of times. We also used it for the permitting process and the Town committees were so impressed that it facilitated the entire process. We had not thought of this benefit but this alone would have justified the initial cost layout.

We strongly urge people constructing buildings to take advantage of Michael’s model making talents and the benefits it will provide.

Best Wishes,
Edul Daver
Project Coordinator


Mike DelPriore and his team at Ryerson Studio were a great pleasure to work with on a model for a new school building. Not only prompt in reply and delivery, but also overwhelmingly accommodating to design changes throughout the process, we would gladly recommend Ryerson Studio to other architects and designers. The model now resides on the school campus to be admired by students, faculty, and parents alike, a tangible marker in the exciting transition from concept to reality.

Yannik Neufang, AIA
Architectural Research Office


I have had the pleasure of working with Ryerson Studio on several projects. Most of these models were used by non-profit organizations, who planned to use them for multiple reasons, including master planning, massing studies and presentations to Boards and other constituents. One of the biggest benefits to our clients is in the area of fund raising. The models allow potential donors to visualize the completed projects in a 3 dimensional way that is very beneficial, and often creates a sense of excitement about the project. We have seen the models on display at our clients' places of business, and they are used at events such as groundbreakings, and they are always well received. Our last project, at Pope St John National Seminary has been using the model since we began the project planning over 3 years ago, and it continues to get excellent reviews to this day from everyone who sees it. I have always been impressed by the skill and attention to detail which Ryerson Studio displays in all their work, and I continue to recommend their work to all my co-workers and colleagues in the industry.

Kevin A. Kozak, AIA
Vice President of Design
Cutler Associates, Inc


In my previous job I had the great fortune to collaborate with Mike and his team at Ryerson Studio on many occasions. I say collaborate, because that's exactly what it is, as I consider Mike an integral member of the design team. More often than not, his models were the first time that the clients would see the design of their homes - 3-dimensionally. You only get the one all important first reveal - and Mike's models never disappointed. When I started my own design firm, Mike was one of first people I called upon - as despite 3-D computer graphics, his finely crafted models remain the best way to present a design to a client.

Phillip James Dodd
Bespoke Residential Design LLC


Michael DelPriore and Ryerson Studio have been making scale models for my clients for over 15 years. I find the sales process is greatly enhanced by a model and makes it much easier for buyers to envision the finished neighborhood. While we embrace all new technologies such as interactive maps and virtual tours, a screen tour isn't quite the same experience as the three-dimensional model. It's easier to develop that rapport with customers when you are conversing around the model.

Recently, my newest community, Emerson Green, kicked off its sales program and most of our single-family homes were sold in just two days! The scale model is a great part of our success in selling so many homes.

Thank you, Michael!

Monica V. Johnson
New Urban Connections


The model has been a big hit! It really helps prospective buyers see where the whole thing is headed. Partly due to the model, I’m sure, we sold half our units on the first two days of sales! At this rate we’ll be totally sold out before Thanksgiving. Thank you for your great (and speedy) work.

Looking forward to working with you again soon!

All the best,
Donald W. Powers AIA CNU LEED AP
Union Studio Architecture & Community Design 


We've used Ryerson Studio for multiple projects when we are looking for a great quality model with a strong attention to detail. Michael DelPriore and his team have been attentive and accommodating to our needs throughout the process. UP would highly recommend them to anyone looking for fantastic model.

John Patrick Winberry


Our office enjoys the opportunity to work with Ryerson Studio. They are conscientious and always go the extra mile to get it right! Michael is always looking to capture the design intent regardless of the size of the model.

Arthur C. Hanlon, AIA
Shope Reno Wharton, Architects


I have worked with Mike and Ryerson Studio on various projects, both big and small, for at least 10 years. I have always been impressed with the quality and craftsmanship that Mike brings to each and every project. His professionalism and skill is exceptional in the modeling industry and harkens back to a craft that we rarely see anymore in the world of architecture. The end products are always beautiful and consistently bring an extra added conceptual dimension to the designs that we envision for our clients.

Anthony Juliano, Associate
Poskanzer Skott, Architects


Today, Mike is known in my region of the northeast as the most talented model maker around. He takes on commissions from all over the country & has done international work, which is pretty significant. I have had the honor of Michael constructing several models of my work and I couldn’t have been more proud! I believe Michael's exceptional talents are what make him the number one choice for all owners and architects because as an architect himself, he speaks our language.

John A. Liggero, R.A., NCARB,
Principal, Liggero Architecture


Ryerson Studio created a precise scale model for Thomas Cole’s “New Studio”, which we have now reconstructed, and it immediately made the building seem real to us and to our funders. Each detail was carefully recreated and the effect was magical.

Elizabeth Jacks
Executive Director, Thomas Cole National Historic Site


In 2012, Deaconess Abundant Life Communities, a non-profit senior living organization with five locations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, was in the early stages of developing the second phase of independent living units at its Seashore Point community in Provincetown MA. The three story 38 unit project was to be built as an extension of a skilled nursing facility and independent living complex which had been completed in 2008. The $10 million project was to be marketed as individual condominiums, a relatively new approach in the senior living world.

As with many projects, a full set of architectural plans were available together with several stylized renderings. While useful, these materials did not fully convey the style and presence of the planned complex. Given our ambitious marketing schedule, we decided to commission an architectural model of the entire complex, including the new 38 unit independent living wing. We selected Ryerson Studio after reviewing their portfolio of beautifully detailed models and discussing Mike DelPriore’s ideas for creating an accurate model, with appropriately detailed exterior treatments, at a scale that would allow potential buyers to “see” their home in context.

Mike and his team created a beautifully crafted model on an ambitious schedule…and hand delivered it to be unveiled at a Board of Directors meeting in Concord, MA. The model was soon the centerpiece of our sales office at Seashore Point. It proved effective beyond our expectations, playing a key role in closing a number of important early sales. I would enthusiastically recommend Mike DelPriore and Ryerson Studio for your architectural modeling needs… Mike was a pleasure to work with, their work was on time and on budget and the finished model was magnificent!

Theodore A. Barten, PE
Board Chair, 2010-2012
Deaconess Abundant Life Communities, Concord, MA
Managing Principal, Epsilon Associates, Inc
Engineers and Environmental Consultants, Maynard, MA


Just look at one of the beautiful 3-D models produced by Michael DelPriore’s Ryerson Studio. Look at it closely; the detail, the quality; the consistency. That is craftsmanship!

Knowing Mike for over thirty years and being in the position of recommending Ryerson Studio to build models for my clients, I know first-hand that he creates custom “works of art” with detail, quality, and consistency, on time and on budget. As an architect, what a wonderful way to have my projects represented!

It is indeed a pleasure to know of a studio that still crafts real-life “old-fashioned” 3-D models, in these computerized times of animated presentations.

Don’t wait; hire Ryerson Studio today! You will not regret it.

David W. Buckman, AIA, LEED AP


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