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After receiving a set of American Plastic Bricks for his 11th birthday, Michael DelPriore was hooked on architecture. Trained in the transitional time between hand drafting and AutoCAD, he gravitated towards 3 dimensional presentations throughout his education at Pratt Institute. Upon graduation, he accepted a position as head model maker for the acclaimed Space Design Group in Manhattan constructing custom highly detailed interior models for client presentations before the emergence of high quality interior CAD renderings. Here he learned many of the meticulous color and material matching methods which remain with him to this day.

Ryerson Studio took its name from the street in Brooklyn where it originated back in 1986, and has since compiled an impressive list of prestigious and varied clients. Working closely together with architects, developers, engineers, museums, hospitals, institutional boards and non-profits, our goal is to bring your design and vision to full color 3-dimensional life using the latest laser technology complimented by our fine hand craftsmanship. One is no good without the other. We only build architectural models, and we have perfected varied construction techniques from paper to plexi to meet any tough budgetary restrictions. Given hand sketches, CAD drawings or just photographs, our artistic and talented staff can help you present your vision in an exciting and understandable fashion, engaging your clients, confirming your credibility and selling your design to potential buyers.

An architectural model answers a thousand questions when it is presented in any situation, and gets the ever savvy consumer of today to trust and approve what their eyes can see built before them.

Michael DelPriore, Principal of Ryerson Studio, graduated from Pratt Institute with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and has over 30 years of experience in the architectural modelmaking field. He has taught architectural modelmaking at Pratt Institute and interior design modelmaking at FIT in Manhattan.

Israel T. Daing, Production Director, was schooled in architecture at The University of Santo Thomas in Manila, Philippines and brings over 30 years of modelmaking experience, training at DPI in Los Angeles and Scale Models Unlimited in San Francisco, CA.

Ryerson Studio • 59 Florence Street, Kingston, NY 12401 • 845-338-5084 • mike@ryersonstudio.com

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